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Guild News

New Website

Zeal90, Jun 17, 13 1:00 AM.

Hello Guildies,

As many of your requested to migrate to a newer site with more features and more storage space. So here it is, we are officially launching our new Citadel website:

Please register on this website ASAP.

This website is being discontinued.


Enen, Jun 7, 13 11:54 AM.
    Welcome to the Citadel Guild Events. Spread the news of the events to come! All players are welcome and be sure to follow the #1 rule, HAVE FUN!

        *24man Raids - Follow the guild to a 24man raid and show those big bosses who the real boss is!

        *Dance party - Get to know your fellow guild members and show off your new gear. Socializing is a good             way to get comfortable with your fellow guild members.

        *Capture the Relic - Fun game of capture the flag with your friends. Race to and from each team                         base to take the other team's relic. Run for your life, it's going to be a good time!

        *Boss Brawl - Defeat the other team's boss or stop the other team from beating yours. This brawl will be             sure to keep you on your feet.

        *PVP - Guild Player VS Player or Free for all death match. Play against other guild members and see just             how competitive this event can get.

        *Hide and Seek - Vindictus may not have a big map, but there are plenty of channels to hide on. Try to             find that sneaky guild member hiding somewhere in Vindictus.

Look at the 'RAIDS' tab to keep updated on these events. We will post dates and times for the events accordingly. Look forward to seeing you soon! GOOD LUCK CITADELIANS!

Our Skype / Guild Rain With Beo !

Kenshinbatousai, May 28, 13 12:38 PM.

We Are Also Located In Facebook! Check Us Out!

Kenshinbatousai, May 25, 13 3:14 PM.
Love Guild Chat? 
Want to be more social and get to know some of our members? and Admins??! Check us out in

Official Citadel Facebook Page  

Citadel - Reconstruction project

Zeal90, May 17, 13 1:18 AM.
Welcome to Citadel!

We are currently going through a major reconstruction project. In order to make Citadel a better guild, we had to disband it and reconstruct it from scratch. Please be patient as we try to reorganize and regroup our fellow guild members. In order to improve your guild experience and create a more user friendly environment for all, we will restructure in the following ways:

Citadel would be home for all characters lvl 50 and above (exception made upon request)
Citadelx2 would be home for all characters lvl 49 and under
Citadelx3 would be home for all the alternate characters/toons.

Going forward all members will be required to sign up on the website as we will be using this website to host guild events, daily raids and make announcements. We encourage you to use guild forums for any questions or requests for gathering materials and item crafting.

Citadel is more than just a guild; it is a place where people can feel at home and have fun! Feel free to encourage your friends to join our Citadel family and we look forward to seeing you play!

Thank you for your support :)

Citadel Admin Team

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